Your Voice Matters

How can my voice be heard?

Sharing your opposition to Vaccine Mandates with elected officials is important. These views are counted and taken into real consideration by these politicians as they vote on legislation or take regulatory action.


The keys to being counted.

  • Be polite. If you’re abusive, staff who collate these messages are less likely to count them. Also, it’s rude.
  • Be a constituent. For a Senator or Congressperson to consider your views, you have to live in their state or district. It is imperative at the beginning of your message that you state this. “I live in (insert state)” or “I live in your district”.
  • Be brief. Unless you have a particularly unique story that you feel could add to your views, it’s best just to tell them directly and briefly what your position is. Staffers generally just count these and then report the numbers to their bosses.


Who do I contact?


What do I write?

  • Keep it brief.
  • Keep it simple.
  • You oppose all medical mandates.
  • You oppose all federal legislation or regulatory agency rule-making that attempts to force mandates through the back door (i.e., any organization that receives federal funds must institute mandates).
  • You will be watching their voting record carefully and will not support any candidate who does not oppose these mandates, including the backdoor mandates.